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Online Classes for UGC NET examination November 2017
Only Management, Economics and Commerce subjects

UGC NET examination is the stepping stone to a fulfilling career in academics and research. The National Eligibility Test commonly known as NET is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on behalf of University Grant Commission (UGC)., to determine eligibility of Indian nationals for the post of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or both for Indian Universities and colleges.

We, at TSG Classes understand, that the UGC NET exams require in depth understanding of core subjects and expect dedication and focus in order to excel at the qualifying exam which can open gamuts of opportunities in academics and research. However, since most aspirants for UGC NET are either working professionals, full time students or homemakers who cannot devote time for a full course held during weekdays. Moreover, the majority of UGC NET aspirants come from Tier II and Tier III cities, where there is lack of a credible institute to assist them in their goal.

This online class for UGC NET program has been curated especially keeping in mind the needs of working professionals, final year students and homemakers alike. This online class for UGC NET examination is also aimed at guiding the aspirants from Tier II and Tier III cities towards fulfilling their objective of successfully qualifying for the UGC NET examination.

To provide the best facilities in a limited time period we have developed the “Online Class for UGC NET applicants of Management and Commerce”. The program is aimed at providing the flexibility to the candidates and at the same time simulate the rigour of classroom experience which includes class teaching, real time Q&A session, regular assignments, weekly notes and biweekly test in line with latest UGC NET examination pattern.

Key Features of Satellite Program:

1. The online class for UGC NET Examination simulates class room experience by providing weekly videos through mail/website which comprises of videos of topic covered / to be covered in the week which you can download and study as per your convenience.
2. The handouts/ notes of topics / subjects to be covered in the next week shall be mailed 3 days in advance so that you get familiar with topic before starting online videos/ class.
3. Online real time test of all the topics covered in last two weeks. The test will strive to imitate the real exam and pattern of UGC NET examination.
4. Video containing detailed discussion of each and every test shall be uploaded.
5. Weekly real time online Q&A session with subject matter expert shall be conducted with respect to topics covered.
6. Entire syllabus shall be finished atleast 1 months prior to exam.
7. The students getting enrolled in this program shall be eligible for “Test and Discussion Series on UGC NET examination” free of cost. A 10 Hour workshop to be conducted at Delhi wherein the candidates can meet with faculty and discuss any pending queries.
8. Qualified and passionate faculty (all our faculties have passed UGC NET Examination in their respective subjects).
9. Course material and videos developed after critically analyzing previous UGC NET examination question and pattern.

Note: The seats available for the “Online Class for UGC NET for Management and Commerce” are 50 for each subject. Last date to enroll: July 31, 2017 (The enrollment shall be closed on July 31, 2017 or on enrollment of 50 students, whichever is earlier.)

Last date to enroll: August 10, 2017 (The enrollment shall be closed on August 10, 2017 or on enrollment of 50 students, whichever is earlier.)

Fee (For Satellite Program): Rs 20,000

Fee (For Correspondence Course): Rs 7,500* (Offline study material and “Test and Discussion Series”)

“Test and Discussion Series”

The Test and Discussion series will have at least 2 subject-wise test (For example, if there are 10 broad subjects in Management, 20 subject wise tests shall be conducted) and 5 Full Length Test in a span of 30 days.

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