About us

TSG Classes is an initiative to bring quality education to your doorsteps. The founders of TSG Classes always felt the need to bringing credibility back to education. Education should be driven by a common goal of seeking and sharing knowledge. Our education institutions are fast turning into money making ventures, while the knowledge has taken a backseat.

Lack of a credible institute for the preparation of UCG NET examination led to the foundation of TSG Classes.

We, at TSG Classes understand, that the UGC NET examamination require in depth understanding of core subjects and expect dedication and focus in order to excel at the qualifying exam which can open gamuts of opportunities in academics and research. However, since most aspirants for UGC NET are either working professionals, full time students or homemakers who cannot devote time for a full course held during weekdays. Moreover, the majority of UGC NET aspirants come from Tier II and Tier III cities, where there is lack of a credible institute to assist them in their goal.

TSG Classes, apart from their classroom facilities in Delhi, are starting online classes for Management, Commerce and Economics to cater to the above mentioned segment.